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The Gastric Bypass Surgery in Beirut Lebanon

Dr Nagi Safa Performing Live a Gastric Bypass Surgery in Beirut Lebanon

Gastric bypass is still the gold-standard of Bariatric Surgery. All other surgical procedures are compared to the gastric bypass, in order to measure their effectiveness. Gastric bypass is also the most popular weight loss surgical procedure in the United States.

The Gastric Bypass Surgery in Beirut Lebanon is performed by Advanced BMI Surgeons. This surgery consists of two major steps:

1 – Restrictive step: thanks to our advanced laparoscopic equipment, we will be able to create a gastric pouch of 30 ml approximately. This gastric pouch will be your new stomach. The remaining part of your stomach is not removed. It will continue to secrete gastric juice that will be poured into the digestive tract.
2 – Malabsorptive step: now we have to create the intestinal bypass. Therefore, we will bypass the first 150 cm of your small intestine, without removing it. At this level, we will connect the intestine on the new stomach (see step 1). In summary, let us measure the intestine from its beginning for a distance of 150cm. At this point, we will connect it to the gastric pouch that we created in step 1.
In medical jargon, we name this kind of connection Roux-en-Y. This is a purely technical detail. You do not need to understand the mechanism of this connection. Everything you need to understand, is that your stomach is now smaller (and therefore you will eat less), and the food that you ingest will not be exposed to the first 150cm of your intestine, and therefore, will be much less absorbed.Gastric Bypass with hand sewn gastrojejunostomy – Dr Nagi Safa

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