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Learn more about weight loss surgery with Dr Nagi Jean Safa

Gastric Sleeve

The Sleeve Surgery by Dr Safa in Lebanon consists of removing about 75 to 80 percent of the volume of the stomach, while maintaining the natural openings into and out of the stomach. Know More

Gastric Plication

The Plication Surgery in Lebanon reduces the size of your stomach by 75 percent and limits the amount of food that can be eaten at one time. It does not cause decreased absorption of nutrients. Know More

Gastric Bypass

The Bypass Surgery in Lebanon consists to create a gastric pouch of 20 to 30 ml in volume which is connected to the small intestine using a 10 mm opening. It will help you lose weight fast. Know More

Gastric Band

During the gastric band or stomach ring surgery, the surgeon place a hollow band made with special material around the top of the stomach leaving a very small pouch above. Know More

Before & After the surgery
Check out the before and after page, and learn more about the success stories on our FACEBOOK PAGE. Check also the Frequently asked questions and discover more about the period after the surgery. Know More
Single Incision Sleeve Surgery
Dr. Nagi Jean Safa is one of the first surgeons in Canada and in the United States to have performed the single port surgery for the gastric plication, the gastric band and the gastric sleeve surgery. Know More
Side-Effects & Complications
This includes side effects and complications for the gastric sleeve surgery, the gastric bypass surgery, the gastric plication (LGCP) surgery and the gastric band (ring) surgery (short and long term) Know More
Diabetes & Metabolic Surgery
Studies have found that more than 75% of type 2 diabetes patients who undergo bariatric surgery no longer experience symptoms and no longer require insulin or other medications on the long term. Know More
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Live Surgeries Performed by Dr Nagi Safa in Lebanon and in Canada

Surgery to lose weight in Lebanon is not easy. It is the first step in a much greater process of improving your entire life. Starting the journey can be the scariest part. But do not worry. Our highly specialized team will guide you step by step through this journey. Advanced BMI Team
DISCLAIMER: Bariatric surgery does not provide sustained weight loss results without appropriate follow up with a specialized team and lifestyle modifications. Please refer to our TERMS OF USE section.