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Importance of an Exercise Technique

Importance of an Exercise Technique

You can find various fitness websites or follow millions of fitness trainers on Facebook or Instagram to read or ask them about ways to exercise and reach your goal of having a flat sexy stomach!

All their tips can be very useful but only if you are aware of the most important factor behind these tips, “THE TECHNIQUE!”

It’s not just about the move; it’s all about HOW you do the move in order to prevent injuries and to get the most out of each exercise.
Start with your own pace at the beginning of your abs workout and take your time to focus on each move’s technique. Once you’ve got it, the real workout begins!

Start with the following 5 Abs workout techniques:

Arms High- Partial Sit up

Lie on your back having your knees bent 90 degrees. Raise your arms straight overhead, and let them be extremely sharp pointing in the upward direction throughout the whole exercise!
Sit up halfway and then return to the ground. Make sure you are feeling the burn in your stomach after several reps; don’t let that burn stop you! It’s the best time to keep going as much as you can!!

Barbell Rollout

Load the bar with 10-pound plates and kneel on the floor behind it. Brace your abs and roll the bar forward till you feel your body is fully extended and parallel to the ground, then roll yourself back and keep doing it as much as you can. Be careful! your shoulders should be over the bar and you have to squeeze your abs as you extend back and forth.


Get into a pushup position; bend your elbows to lower your forearms to the floor. Most importantly make sure to brace your core and to have your back straight! Lower your butt and make sure to feel the shiver in your body.
It’s a killer but it’s worth the abs you’ve been craving for!

Flutter kick

Lie on the ground, place your hands next to your sides and as always make sure you brace your core to protect your back. Lift your heels about seven inches and rapidly kick your feet up and down in a quick, scissor-like motion.

Leg Raise

Lay your back on the ground then raise your legs slowly until they are vertical, then lower them back but don’t let them touch the ground. Try doing as much reps as you can but make sure your lower back is not hurting you.
Rest if you needed to. Remember to always brace your core!

It’s essential to adhere strictly to the instructions. If you follow the right technique you will feel that you are getting tired really fast. Don’t worry! This only means you’re on the right track because you are doing the moves correctly & free from any injuries.

In time, after repeating the moves you will be able to do double or even triple the reps you have started with the first time. That only means one thing. You’re getting closer to being fit with your dream abs!!

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