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High fiber diet in Lebanon

High fiber diet

Why high fiber diet? Following a healthy diet is one of the most important contributors to good overall physical health. While there have been many fad diets promoted over the past few decades, one of the healthiest diets to follow is a high fiber diet. Following a high fiber diet could provide you with a number of different health benefits.

Benefits of high fiber diet

One of the main advantages of following a high fiber diet is that it can help you to control your weight. A high fiber diet could help you lose or maintain weight a few different ways. First, this type of diet is full of foods that are generally low in calories, which prevents you from over eating. Second, foods that are high in fiber tend to require more chewing and digestion, which means that they take longer to eat. Since you be consuming food more slowly, you will likely feel full by the time your meal is over.

Another advantage of following a high fiber diet is that it can be great for your heart. When fiber moves through your stomach and intestines, it will pick up bile salts and fats and help to take them out of the bloodstream. This will then disallow them from turning into cholesterol. Over time, this will lead to lower cholesterol counts and prevent blockage in your arteries, which will create a healthier cardiovascular system.

Those that follow a high fiber diet will also help prevent digestive problems. Foods that are high in fiber adds more bulk to stool in your body. Bulkier and denser stool actually moves more efficiently through your bowels more efficiently, which will reduce pressure and help to avoid constipation. This can also help to prevent hemorrhoids and irritable bowel syndrome.

For those that are looking to start following a high fiber diet, making simple diet choices can greatly increase the amount of fiber that they take in each day. Fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains are among the foods that are very high in fiber. Simply adding a serving of these items to each meal will lead to a significant increase in your consumption of fiber.