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6 Surprising Easy Ways To Prevent Migraine

There can be no denying that migraines are quite painful and they can really affect the quality of life as well. Worse still is the fact that it is almost impossible to cure migraine effectively. Nonetheless, the good news is that there are some proven ways that can help you prevent migraine.

Below are some of them.

Know and avoid the trigger factors

One of the easiest yet surest ways to prevent migraine is knowing and avoiding the factors that trigger a migraine attack. If you have for instance discovered that you tend to experience a migraine attack after consuming certain types of food, then it is prudent you avoid these types of foods since they are the trigger factor in this case. Again, if you realize that you experience a migraine attack each time you go through a stressful moment, then it is imperative you learn how to deal with stress lest you end up experiencing more migraine attacks whenever you are going through difficult time in life.

Stay hydrated to prevent migraine

Dehydration is one of the main triggers of migraine. Once your body is deprived of the amount of water it requires in a day, it can respond to the lack of water by causing discomfort and pain. This can in return result to other symptoms like muscle weakness, fatigue and dizziness among other symptoms that are associated with migraines. As such, take plenty of water to stay hydrated all the time, preferably 8 glasses a day.

Make some dietary changes

Food is one of the most common migraine trigger factors, and therefore you need to make smart food choices if you are susceptible to migraine attacks. For instance, you need to stay away from foods that contain nitrites and tyramines. These two substances can trigger the brain to release a chemical known as norepinephrine. This chemical is known to cause severe headaches, which are also some common symptoms of migraine. There is a wide array of foods that are loaded with both tyramine and nitrites. Such foods include among others eggs, potatoes, sausage, red wine as well as aged cheese. In addition, foods that are loaded with artificial additives or foods with very high levels of seasoning can also trigger a migraine attack. Therefore, establish the types of foods that tend to trigger your migraine and then eliminate these foods from your diet. However, in case you are not quite sure about the foods to eliminate from your diet and which ones to add to your diet, it is always good to talk to your doctor so that they can recommend a diet that is tailored to prevent migraine.

Stay away from certain types of light

Avoiding bright light is also an effective way to prevent migraine. There are some types of light colors that tend to trigger migraine in some people, largely due to some form of sensitivity that is known as photophobia. This sensitivity can increase your headache pain, and hence you should stay away from these types of light to reduce your chances of experiencing a migraine attack.

Make sure you are not exposed to intense stimuli

Both flashing and bright lights can lead to migraine attacks at times. Therefore, it is prudent to wear a pair of sunglasses on a sunny day or during bright winter days. Again, the glare of water, snow or buildings can also trigger a migraine attack. Always rest your eyes periodically while using your computer or watching TV, in order to ensure that you are not exposed to intense light, which is key to prevent migraine attacks. Moreover, there are some certain types of non-visual stimuli like strong scents that are known to cause migraine in some people. If you discover that you tend to experience a migraine attack once you are exposed to a particular scent, then it is important you avoid that scent completely.

Take note of the weather changes

Changes in climate or weather can be linked to barometric pressure, which is known to trigger migraine responses. A warm, dry wind or a dry atmosphere can cause a headache and further worsen the migraine symptoms each time you experience a migraine attack. Consequently, take note of the weather changes so that you can figure out when to go out or remain indoors.


In as much as migraine is a painful condition that is almost impossible to cure completely, you can however live a much better life with this condition as long as you put these migraine preventive measures in place alongside significant others.