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Bariatric Surgeries and Relationships

Relationships and Bariatric Surgeries

What is Obesity?

Obesity is being severely overweight, it is measured by the body mass index, an equation of the height and weight. Not only does it affect our physical health, it also affects our mental health. In addition, being overweight affects an individual’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Therefore, obesity affects relationships in many ways. Hence, bariatric surgery has been the ultimate solution for obesity as it gives a long lasting solution and saves an individual from having so many health issues in the future, and also curing the patient from current health issues such as diabetes type 2.


How Does Obesity Affect Relationships?

Based on a study conducted in Sweden, individuals who underwent bariatric surgery have had a major change in their relationship status. With that being said, bariatric surgery, or surgical reduction of the stomach procedures have a major impact on one’s social life and mental health.

Patients who were single pre surgery were more likely to begin a new relationship after losing that substantial overweight. Losing weight gives more confidence, and a stronger personality leading to better communication skills, making it easier for people to meet and socialize. Bariatric surgery works on the patient’s health and also on the romance of the heart.

David Sarwer, director of the Center for Obesity Research and Education at Temple’s university’s college of Public Health, states that many people believe that a magnificent weight loss will improve a romantic relationship.

On the other hand, research also shows that bariatric surgery can have the opposite effect on current relationships. Patients who were in relationships pre-bariatric surgery tend to split, or divorce. The big amount of weight loss causes jealousy which leads to individuals being unhappy in their relationships, hence separating.

In addition, research shows that obese individuals in relationships are taken for granted, only to realize that once they undergo bariatric surgeries. Hence, they decide to split post bariatric surgery.