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Teenagers and bariatric surgery

Teenagers and Bariatric Surgeries

Bariatric Surgery Reduces the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease for Teenagers

There are so many factors that influence our society these days, such as: social media, the internet, television etcetera. Teenagers spend most of their time on their phones, laptops, television or tablets; watching videos, movies and different advertisements. Therefore their outdoor activities are minimal they lean more towards playing games online or watching movies or even socializing on these devices as opposed to taking a walk, playing sports or meeting up with friends outdoors. With this being said, teenagers are now less active which leads to them gaining a lot of weight. In addition, advertisements are now targeting teenagers to consume junk food. With teenagers already being inactive and with bad healthy diets the rate of them being overweight is increasing substantially.

Studies show that obese teenagers are at a high risk of having a heart disease related event by the age of 50. Society still does not see that obesity is a disease that leads to many more fatal diseases and should be taken seriously and treated immediately.

Bariatric surgery; such as gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, gastric plication etcetera; cuts down the percentage of teens having a heart disease related event by half, from 8% to 4%; cardiovascular events such as: heart failure, stroke, heart attack by the age of 50.

Having a high BMI – Body Mass Index – a weight to height measurement such as 53, increases blood pressure, cholesterol levels, the risk of becoming type 2 diabetic, and cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death before the age of 65 if not the most common cause.
Teenage obesity is increasing significantly and becoming more common these days. A bad healthy lifestyle, minimal indoor and outdoor activity, minimal parental coaching is leading our teenagers to an unhealthy future.

University of Harvard scientists encourage that more teenagers and children should be getting bariatric surgeries done as it leads to long term weight loss solutions and preventing them from fatal diseases in the future.