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6 Major Benefits of Mediterranean diet - Lebanon

6 Major Benefits of Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet has gained popularity among many people because of the several benefits it offers to the body. This is a type of diet that consists mainly of vegetables, fruits, olive oil, seafood, hearty grains and other types of foods that help in fighting diseases. Some of the diseases that the diet can help fight include diabetes, heart disease, cognitive decline and certain types of cancers.

Here are some more benefits of Mediterranean diet.

Low level of processed foods and sugar

The diet consists of ingredients and foods that are close to nature. Some of the foods and ingredients include olive oil, legumes such as bean and peas, vegetables, fruits, small amount of animal products and unrefined cereal products. For something sweet, the diet contains fruit or small amounts of homemade desserts that are made using natural sweeteners such as honey. In addition to plant foods, another major ingredient of the diet include locally caught fish, moderate amount of goat, sheep, cow, cheese and yoghurts that provide the body with healthy cholesterol and fats.

Help in healthy weight loss

If you are looking for a great way to lose weight in a realistic way, this diet is very helpful. This diet is worthwhile and sustainable and has proven to be a success among many people. It helps in managing weight and reduction of fat intake in a natural and easier way because of eating several nutrient dense foods. The diet focuses more in eating healthy fats, while keeping carbohydrates at low levels. It also improves your consumption of high quality proteins. In case you prefer taking proteins to grains and legumes, you have a great option to lose extra weight in a healthy ways without depriving your body healthy nutrients.

Boost your heart health

Studies have shown that greater adherence to Mediterranean diet that consist a lot of monosaturated fats and omega 3 foods helps in reducing mortality caused by heart disease. The diet helps in minimizing the vulnerability of cardiac deaths. In addition, the diet also helps in management of high blood pressure. Olive oil and sunflower oil help in reduction of blood pressure to a great extent. Olive oil is also helpful in reducing hypertension because of its nitric oxide that helps in keeping the arteries clear and dilated.

Help fight cancer

Mediterranean diet helps in fighting cancer because of the balanced ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and high fiber, antioxidants found in olive oil, vegetables and other fruits. Plant foods especially vegetables and fruits are basically the major ingredients of this diet. Fruits and vegetables helps in fighting cancer in every way including protecting DNA from damage, providing antioxidants, reducing cell mutation, reducing inflammation and reducing growth of tumor. There are studies that have shown that olive oil can be a natural cure for cancer and help in reducing the risk of bowel and colon cancers. The diet is mostly important in the modern days when cancer has become a major killer.

Treats and prevents diabetes

The diet acts as an anti-inflammatory dietary pattern, which assists in fighting diseases that are related to chronic inflammation such as type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. The diet helps in preventing diabetes because of its ability to control excess insulin, which is the hormone responsible for controlling blood sugar levels. By regulating the levels of blood sugar, the body burns more fats in an efficient manner and gain more energy too. A diet with low sugar and a lot of fresh produce and fats helps cure diabetes naturally.

Improve your mood and protects cognitive health

Eating Mediterranean diet is a great way to treat Parkinson’s disease naturally, preserve your memory and the right way to treat dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Cognitive disorders might occur when your brain fails to get enough dopamine, which is a vital chemical required for mood regulation, body movements and processing of thoughts. Healthy fats such as nuts, olive oil and a lot of anti-inflammatory fruits and veggies are popular in fighting cognitive decline related to age. Probiotic foods such as yoghurt assist in building a healthy gut, which has a connection to memory, mood disorders and cognitive function. This also helps in reduction of stress, which is a major health problem at old age.